Enabling Internet Tethering on you IPhone for Free


With the Release of 3.0 of the Iphone OS one of the new features across the range is Internet Tethering. The ability to user your 3G connection on your phone as a modem is a function many have been after in the mobile computing world.

In order to enable this feature O2 would have you beleive that yo need to order their Tethering Bolt-On Package.  As shown Below

Internet Tethering Bolt Ons for Pay Monthly

Bolt On Cost Wi-Fi You need to have it for at least: How much it costs if you go over your bundle on O2
3GB £14.68 a month Unlimited in 5,000 hotspots via The Cloud 30 days 19.6p a MB
10GB £29.36 a month Unlimited in 5,000 hotspots via The Cloud 30 days 19.6p a MB

If you choose the 3GB Bolt On and need more data one month, you will be able to upgrade to the 10GB Bolt On or speak to Customer Services to discuss other options.

However if your lke me and dont really want to pay an additional £15 amonth for a feature that the majority of other operators give your for free. I have made avalible the mobile config that will allow you to use this feature, for free 🙂 ( Yes a bit Naughty I Know)

And it’s so Simple. All you need do do is the following……..

– On you Iphone, In your Browser Visit http://tethering.laronline.co.uk

– Select the O2 Icon – Vertigo Icon

– This will then Launch a new Screen, select the Install Button

…. Thats it, your done. Now in order to Turn On Internet tethering. On your Iphone go to

Settings-> General->Network-> Internet Tethering ‘Swotch to On’

So now go and surf from your Laptop and enjoy…….

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    admin on August 20, 2009

    Luke :- Shout to you mate for showing me this little trick 😉

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