Office 365 Set all users calendar to Reviewer

Office 365 Set all users calendar to Reviewer

I have recently been undertaking a O365 migration for a client. One thing that became apparent is that in an organisation of ~70 people every individual had Review right on their on Premise 2010 Exchage Server. they needed this to be carried into O365

Asking everyone to re delegate the calendar is not an option as they would need to do it fo r dozens of people. therefore there is a need to do this universally. The delivery method being via Powershell

Now the first thing to do is to make sure you are running the latest version (V3) – this can be obtained through relevant server or windows updates. Once you have the lates version we then need to open as administrator and run the following commands

to install the MS Online Module

To pass the credentials for 365/Azure – you will be prompted with a Username and password prompt as per the below

We now nee to connect to Exchange with the following command

Now that we are connected we can issue the command that get all of the mailboxes an pipes   that into setting the availability of the calendar to reviewer 

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