Linux – Enable SNMP for Monitoring

26. January 2019 Linux 0

So monitoring of my devices is something I have been doing quite a bit more of . The relms of SNMP allows you to keep an eye on all sorts of devices and parameters devices from Windows Boxes, NAS’s routers etc it is fairly easy to enable however brushing up on my Linux Skills is something I have recently found out how to do on my Kali and Ubuntu boxes

In order to enable this we need to edit the snmpd.config file buy issuing the following command

sudo nano /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf

This allows us to open the snmpd.conf file in nano which is a text editor . Now we are here we need to make several amendments 

First we need to set the community string and give it read privileges by adding the following line of text under the Access control
Under ‘System Information’ enter the location of the device. This can be a physical address and the SysAdmin contact details

We ow need to exit out of Nano, writing our changes by using ‘CTRL+O’ and exit ‘CTRL+X

No we are back to the main terminal we need to restart the SNMP Service by issuing the following command

sudo service snmpd restart

You should now be able to add the Linux Server to your SNMP tooling

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