Tregenna Castle Server Migration



Tregenna Castle last had a system upgrade in 2005. Since which their 2003 SBS environment was in dire need of attention being 12 years old it was beginning to fail in multiple areas

This project saw us move them from said infrastructure to that of a 2016 Domain controller and RDS Server in a Microsoft Hyper V environment. This was somewhat tricky as involved us creating an interim 2008 DC so we could raise the functional level of the domain and the forest

The second phase of the project was to replace unmanaged switches with Cisco SG300’s and provide new CAT 6 Runs between the server and main office location

In total, a long week, to get the solution to where we needed it took over 60hrs spread over 5 days but the outcome was totally worth it. The customer is now on a stable solution, that can tolerate multiple failures and has a reliable backup solution

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