Windows Updates Manual Vs Scripting

07. September 2017 Scripting 0


This post is to identify several methods of how to fix issues with Windows Updates. Microsoft updates can simply be broken down into 3 simple steps

  • the Search for the Update
  • Download of the Update
  • Install the Update

First lets discuss the 2 native way to update window


  1. By using Control Panel and check for updates which we are all familiar with


2. By using the wuauclt tool by issuing the following command


obviously, the use of the Control panel requires user interaction   the WUAuClt command does not start the installation of the downloaded updates only the search and download if the settings on the Windows machine  instruct to download available, updates without asking the user if the setting on the client machine instruct to download any available updates without asking the end users

So with the 2 options above you will notice that there is a lack of tools to start, download and install the updates. Sure if you use a ‘Remote Monitoring and Management’ tool then it is possible to have this do it for you and offer some level of autonomy. however, a 3rd option  to script it


The following script does the following

  1. Searches for available update
  2. If new updates are available then download them
  3. Install the Updates
  4. Reboot if required

The script can be placed   onto the user’s machine and then navigate to the location in command line and run the VBS script by entering “cscript  FILENAME.vbs” – this is not completely silent install as the user will see some popups from the system tray  alternatively if you have access to machine  it can be run by simply double clicking on it

alternatively, if you have access to the machine  it can be run by simply double clicking on it



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