Configuring Cisco ASA 5505 to allow Inbound Printing over the Internet Inbound on port 9300

I recently wrote a guide on how to allow printing inbound over the internet through a Cisco router  While the principle is the same on a Cisco ASA  as you would expect the configuration is somewhat different. Just as we did in the previous tutorial the intention of this guide is to is to allow printing from a Hosted Server to a spoke client site over the internet so again the things we need to consider are


  1. Set up the printer object on the Server   – it is important here to have the  TCP/IP address to the WAN Address of your remote site
  2. Enable traffic on that port i.e 9100 (if you  have not changed it) Outbound through your firewall
  3. Configure the device on the far side to allow and NAT the traffic to your printer   – This is what this guide covers. On a Cisco Router, we need to do the following
    1. Configure the Printer Object
    2. Configure your Datacentre Object (Where the hosted Server is) on your local ASA
    3. Create the Service Object on the Port that the inbound printer traffic will be coming in on
    4. Configure The ACL
    5. Configure NAT Translation



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