Printing over the Internet from a Hosted Server to remote site behind a Cisco Router


One task that I have to consider on occasion is the need for printing over the internet from a server to a remote office. There can be multiple reasons people consider this but the scenario I normally get is that the Hosted Server is connected to via Thin Clients. These normally run a Linux based  O/S where local printers cannot be installed

In order to achieve printing over the internet, we need to do the following

  1. Set up the printer object on the Server   – it is important here to have the  TCP/IP address to the WAN Address of your remote site
  2. Enable traffic on that port i.e 9100 (if you  have not changed it) Outbound
  3. Configure the device on the far side to allow and NAT the traffic to your printer   – This is what this guide covers. On a Cisco Router, we need to do the following
    1. Configure a Port Map depending on the option selected below / If not then we will need to reference our ACL
    2. Configure A Class Map
    3. Amend Policy Map for ‘Internet to Internal ‘ and tell it to inspect our class map
    4. Create the NAT translation   to map traffic to our internal object
    5. Create an ACL to lock the traffic down from Hosted Servers WAN IP


There are 2 ways of configuring the local router to allow printing inbound over the internet. One where we can reference a ACL. The other where we can reference a port map


1) Printing over the internet but referencing Port Map



2) Printing Over the internet referencing a ACL



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