How to Remove Autodiscover on a SBS Server when Migrating Exchange Offsite


When Migrating to a Cloud Exchange Service, whether it be Office 365 or  off premise Exchange, one thing that can occur while configuring the new Outlook profiles is that you notice that the profiles revert back to the local MS Exchange on the SBS Server  – This is because Autodiscover service has not been removed from the SBS Server


This guide explains how to remove the Autodiscover from the local SBS Server

  1. Open the Exchange Managment Shell  and retrieve the current  autodiscover


2 .Copy the Identity to the clipboard – in my case it was AVANTI-DC1\Autodiscover (SBS Web Applications)

3. Now lets remove the autodiscover Virtual Directory


  • You will be asked to confirm by typing “A”

4.Check and confirm that the Autodiscover virtual directory is removed and no longer available on local server



This should return back nothing. you are now in a position to reconfigure your outlook clients  and it should point to your correct Autodiscover Service

You can test it out by pressing CTRL and right click on Outlook icon in system tray, select Test E-mail Autoconfiguration. Enter your email, password and click TEST button

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