Exporting a List of users in Powershell – Showing Size of Mailboxes


As I have mentioned previously in Exchange Migrations one thing I have found is to collate a list of existing users on the current server   For a project one thing I had to consider was the size of the mailboxes for each user. Due to the limitations on their Internet connectivity, we made the executive decision that if the Mailbox was > 1.5GB  that we would not upload the Mail over the wire Now running a command to report the size is pretty easy to do however the caveats are as follows

  1. The size reported back is in Bytes   (Not Particularly useful nowadays)
  2. The list is presented in a manner that is unmanageable

The following script exports a list of users on the Server and lists the size of the Mailbox in MB


(Works on Exchange 2007)


Edit:   I had an issue running this on an Exchange 2010 Server  so tweaked it slightly below, slightly different output as shows the mailboxes  in GB and then Bytes in brackets but it is as follows


(Works on Exchange 2010)



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