Collating a List of Exchange Users in Poweshell and Export to CSV

One thing I have done quite a lot of is Exchange Migrations. Something I have always found prevalent is to take the opportunity prior to the migration is produce a list of users on the existing servers taking  the opportunity to cull any users, redefine and chop and change aliases also to bring uniformity to things such as Primary SMTP addresses. This list is also usefully when constructing a CSV In order to create a user import, which I have discussed in other posts


The easiest way to  this is via powershell -Below is a script that I have developed in order to extract the relevant information. The script while detailing users will also define the Primary SMTP address for the mailbox and also any aliases associated with it. This I have found is key when trying to establish with clients who should have what mailbox


EDIT: I have also tweaked this slightly as the above script was giving me issues in Exchange 2010


(Works with Exchange 2010 )



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