Exchange Powershell – Giving Access Rights to Calendars Rather Than Mailboxes | Creating Groups | Changing Mailbox Types | Setting Calendars to Auto Accept


I have recently just finished a project that saw me move a customer from an on-premise Exchange Server to that of one in our Datacentre in order to confirm to a more ‘Hybrid Cloud’ solution. One issue that was clear from the beginning of the project is that the solution we were moving from  supported Public Folders, the one we were moving to did not

The only feasible way round that I could fathom  is that for the 4 Public Folders that were in effect Shared Calendars needed to exist on the new system as Mailboxes with Shared Calendars    so I created the 4 accounts  as normal then took the following steps in powershell to manipulate them into doing what I wanted



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