TFTP an IOS from one Cisco router to another

I recently had a senario where a router had been installed at a customer location in   India  to replace a defective device. However the Flash card had not been kept. I needed to ensure that the device was configured correctly but was also running the right IOS, approved by out LABS team, which it was not

now the problem here is that normally we would   TFTP   the correct IOS  from a UNIX box within that region which is all fine and good however the problems I faced were as follows

1) The correct IOS didn’t exist on there to begin with so i would first have to upload it from my machine in the UK

2)   The customer WAN connection was not of a huge speed

This meant that getting the correct IOS would take ages. However another solution is avalible.

We had another customer device in the region same make/model    running the correct IOS, what I did was configure this as my TFTP server and download it to my device –  the new router install which I was concerned with


For the purpose of this demo, I have deleted names and IP addresses   –

Router 1   = The device I want to TFTP from

Router 2 = The device I want to TFTP to

First, on the router we need to take a look at the flash card   and ensure we have the correct IOS that we actually want

 Next is to set our router as our TFTP Server, with one simple command

TFTP Server is then as follows

Now  log onto the device we want to transfer the IOS to, ensure that we can ping the device we are copying from

This proves Connectivity so now we are ready to issue the command to copy the IOS across

From here the attempt is made to reach the TFTP server ‘Router1’…. The IOS is then downloaded

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