LAR Online Impliments Zendesk

LAR Online Impliments Zendesk


Well having trialled Zendesk for a while, i have decided that it is time that i updated my Old Help Desk Solution that i had in place.

The reson for this is that i have found Zendesk to be scalable, easy to manage as well as easy to engage customers on modern platforms, an example of this is twitter integration – generation of tickets from an email and mobile applications for major platforms such as IOS and Android

an added bomus of Zendesk is that it conforms to cloud computing, is not managed on my servers so is one less thing for me to worry about

I have changed the domain mapping so users can still visit the support centre by navigating to

sending an email to [email protected]

Or by using Twitter @LAROnline

In the future i will be integrating Zendesk to WordPress which is the back end of this website



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