Fully Migrated to Google Apps. New Email Address


I have now been trialing my Google Apps account for the last 4 weeks. After evaluating the functionality, I have decided to migrate across from Microsoft Exchange on a permanent basis.

 I spent last week migrating across my calendar, contacts and email. Ensuring that I had the usability from not only my machine but also my mobile devices.

 Now I have everything migrated across I will now be using this as my primary email solution

 My new email address is

 [email protected]


Migration of Email


In total I migrated across almost 12000 emails. I found a useful tool developed by members of the Google team called “Google Email Uploader” This enabled me to upload all my emails, retaining the folder hierarchy with ease. Although it did take almost 9 hours to do


Migration of Contacts & Calendar


Both these items were move from my Exchange Server to the Google Apps server by Exporting/Importing csv values. In order for me to use my calendar with Microsoft Outlook. Google have developed a tool called “Google Calendar Sync”, which syncs periodically with the Google Apps server. My email is retrieved via outlook by utilizing normal IMAP settings.

Monitor until 28th feb

I will be periodically monitoring my old email address until the end of the month 28th Februrary 2010 before closing down my Exchange account

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