Migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps?

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At present, I am currently using a Microsoft Exchange 2007 solution in order to manage my E-mail, contacts & calander

The reason why I do this is that in conjunction ith OWA it gives me a way to manage my information be it from anywhere or via my hand held device

The major downside is the cost involved. Currently I host my Exchange with a third party that costs  $11 USD pcm, wich includes my domain name ‘larhome.com’. In addition to this if i was to give an additional user full Exchange access it would cost me an extra $14 USD pcm (thats why i have never bothered), if i was to give them acess to just a POP3 account it would cost me $1.99 USD pcm.

A friend of mine reffered me to Google Apps which seems to be being used by lots of big companies out there. It offers a solution that in ways is simlar to MS Exchange in terms of managing


it also has the additional items such as Google Sites

A big benifit is that additional users are free. They offer a premium solution for $30 USD per year or a free version which i currently plan on trialing.

From a front end perspective it shouldnt be to much different, as you are able to emilate an Exchange enviroment using Google Active Sync pluggin with MS Outlook, if you have a Premier account , failing that you can connect to your mail via IMAP

On handheld devices you can emulate connecting to an MS Exchange so it will be able to manage Contacts, E-mail & Calander

I plan on doing away with my larhome.com domins and i will point the MX entries for laronline.co.uk to my Google Apps account, this will enable me to use this domain as my email address

I will then copy across all my info that i export from my exchange server and run bith services for a month before switching over

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    Dr James on January 14, 2010

    you really are a geek

    but thats why I hired you…..

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