Download my Dissertation from Coventry University

While at Coventry University i wrote an application for Odeon Cinema’s LTD. The purpose of the application was to replace the existing paper-based system that they had for monitoring their EPOS points. Below is a screenshot of part of the App

I have made the write-up of my dissertation avalible for download. The Application itself was shipped as an installer package so the customer could install on their client machine and test.

In order to produce the software, the GUI was written using Visual Basic, where the data that it obtained was held in an SQL Database – Which i wrote to store also on the client machine. This was for a demonstration – beta testing of the product for the user – should the app have been released the data would have been held on an indipendant SQL Server

I obtained a first for this project 🙂 so it contributed towards my degree a great deal

I have only made the write up avalible for download as the application contains sensitive infortmation. in order to access


or form the Menu access :

Work Profile > Cov Uni > My Dissertation, Finial Year Project

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